Wikimedia Product & Technology: Top 5 Themes from Community Conversations

Over the past six months, Wikimedia communities across the globe have been discussing a series of nine topics in order to help shape Wikimedia’s strategy for 2030. Among those topics was Product & Technology, which is of course a major point of interest for our web-based community. Thus, Wikimedians from an incredible variety of backgrounds got to discuss it and share their thoughts, which were gathered by seven Strategy Liaisons, both online and offline.

This Top 5 is an attempt at synthesizing all this feedback into major topic areas and, also, a way to open discussions here for all stakeholders – editors, volunteer developers, staff – to be able to share their views and start a conversation. They reflect the needs of a growing movement, both in terms of broad ideas as well as specific requests for features which all give insight into the overall priorities of the Wikimedia community. Together, these needs are best met by actors from across our movement, including the Wikimedia Foundation, volunteer communities themselves, affiliates, and partners.

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Wikipedia’s JavaScript initialisation on a budget

This week saw the conclusion of a project that I’ve been shepherding on and off since September of last year. The goal was for the initialisation of our asynchronous JavaScript pipeline (at the time, 36 kilobytes in size) to fit within a budget of 28 KB – the size of two 14 KB bursts of Internet packets.

In total, the year-long effort is saving 4.3 Terabytes a day of data bandwidth for our users’ page views.

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Round-up of Small Wiki Toolkits at Wikimania 2019

CC-BY-SA-4.0, Mike Peel
Small Wiki Toolkits focus area introduced in the opening ceremony at Wikimania 2019 / CC-BY-SA-4.0, Mike Peel

The Small Wiki Toolkits project kicked off as a focus area at this year’s Wikimania Hackathon in Stockholm. The project included sessions and discussions on topics that continued into the main conference. The goal of the Small Wiki Toolkits focus area was to support small wikis and communities that don’t have many technical contributors and to help connect developers and editors with each other. 

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