Upcoming Wikimedia events for August 2019

Bali Odalan celebration in Pura Kehen Bangli temple, dancing girls.jpg
File:Bali_Odalan_celebration_in_Pura_Kehen_Bangli_temple,_dancing_girls.jpg () by BMR & MAM, CC-BY-SA-2.0. Balinese Hindu celebrate the birthday of their village temples once every 210 days (= Balinese year of 6 months each of 35 days). This festival is called Odalan. It is major performance arts and community event for the village.

August is an active month for the Wikimedia movement. From local meetups to Wikimania in Stockholm. We’ve collected some upcoming events from across the movement to share. Did we miss any? Add your events to the calendar, and leave a comment with suggestions!

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