Strategical ideas from Hindi Speaking community – Wikimedia 2030

File:New Delhi Hindi Strategy Meetup 18.jpg by RSharma (WMF)

During the March-September 2019 community consultation process of the Movement Strategy 2018-20, members of Hindi Wikimedia community brainstormed and discussed about their shared vision of the Wikimedia movement’s future by 2030. The community talked about the concerns they had, and the kind of grants, power structures, diversity of projects and roles they wanted to align with the strategic direction from the local context of the South Asian continent. 

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Building a shared vision for Wikimedia 2030: Open Foundation West Africa Strategy Salon

Witten by volunteer Joy Agyepong and Strategy Liaison Rupika Sharma

English: Open Foundation West Africa Strategy Salon held at Goethe Institute on 3RD August, 2019
File:OFWA 10-11-2019 DSC4061.jpg () by Amuzujoe, CC-BY-SA-4.0.

On the 3rd of August, 2019 a strategy salon was organized at held at the Goethe Institute in Accra, Ghanna. This was the first  Movement Strategy salon organized by Open Foundation West Africa in Ghana. The Salon sought to address two thematic areas, Capacity Building and Community Health, to exchange ideas and identify strategies to achieve the Strategic direction  of Wikimedia by 2030. 

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Wikimedia 2030: South Asian Reflection of the Movement Strategy 2018-20

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English: From What is the future we want to build together? In early 2017, a movement-wide discussion will begin to define Wikimedia’s future role in the world and develop a collaborative strategy to fulfill that role. Visit video
File:Knowledge belongs to all of us. 2030 Wikimedia.jpg () by NASA + VGrigas (WMF), CC-BY-SA-4.0.

For many of us across the Wikimedia movement, we are well familiar with the conferences, online discussions, and in-person meetups over the last few years where we have come together to talk about our future. For others of us, getting involved with the strategy process remains a new and exciting prospect. To both groups – hello!

My name is Rupika Sharma and I work as Community Strategy Liaison for the Hindi community. My role is to serve as a connector between the ongoing recommendations work by our nine working groups, and the Hindi and Indic language communities that are invested in the outcomes of the process. A lot of information about this process is already on the Meta page of Movement Strategy, but for the inner story of how I and the Strategy team have been working to support this process, stay tuned and keep reading!

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