Wikimedians aim to make a difference in the lives of students in Ghana with support from the Wikimedia & Education Greenhouse

Heritage Academy students who will participate in the project
Photo by: Andrews Lartey CC BY-SA 4.0

Earlier this year, the Education Team at the Wikimedia Foundation issued a call–tell us how you want to use Wikimedia projects to promote education in your local community, and we’ll help you do it. 15 teams bravely stepped forward with ideas ranging from improving students digital skills in Bangladesh to engaging students to help close language gaps in Uganda. We selected one successful project to fully support both with mentorship, on-site help, and some seed funding1: The Technology and Green Mentorship program in Ghana, now known as Growing Open and Eco-friendly Skills for Youth in Ghana (GOES).  We call this initiative the Wikimedia & Education Greenhouse, where the Education Team at the Wikimedia Foundation helps innovative ideas grow into high impact projects.

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Welcome, Education community, to Wikimedia Space

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Dear Wikimedia Education community,

We’re so excited to invite you to explore Wikimedia Space with us through a new category just for Education. We’ll be piloting the use of this category to centralize communications about Wikimedia & Education, share active discussions, and announce events on the centralized map and calendar. You’ll still be able to find static information and resources on Outreach Wiki, with more dynamic information living on Wikimedia Space. 

Wikimedia Space is a new platform introduced by the Wikimedia Foundation which aims to become a point of centralization and redistribution of news and conversations. The Space is also a place where anyone can ask any question related to Wikimedia and find answers. Wikimedia Space has a variety of multilingual features that are currently being expanded, and can already host resources and conversations in multiple languages. As the Wikimedia Space is still a prototype, together we can explore different opportunities and collaborations. 

Some of the future possibilities include adding lesson plans, publishing event reports, sharing news, and even fostering mentorship in closed groups. Let’s brainstorm together on what we want for our Education category!