Who are the organizers that grow Wikimedia’s communities? New research on actors that bring energy to the Wikimedia movement

English: Wikimedia Summit 2019
Wikimedia Summit 2019 – 294.jpg () by Jason Krüger for Wikimedia Deutschland, CC-BY-SA-4.0.

The face of Wikipedia’s volunteer community is often an editor—someone who maintains, edits, and writes facts in the vast online encyclopedia. But editors aren’t the only contributors to Wikipedia, WikiCommons, and the other Wikimedia projects: there are many other volunteers who contribute by organizing events and inspiring others to join our volunteer community. Their work, though not as overtly visible, is also incredibly important and vital to the growth of our movement.

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Welcome, Learning Days community, to Wikimedia Space

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Wikimedia Conference 2018 – 012.jpg () by Jason Krüger for Wikimedia Deutschland e.V., CC-BY-SA-4.0.

We are thrilled to welcome the Learning Days 2019 participants, along with those interested in Learning Days but not participating this year, to a new discussion category on Wikimedia Space for Learning Days. This category will be an active centerpoint for discussions, collaboration, announcements and updates around Learning Days. 

As Learning Days facilitators, we think Wikimedia Space is a great fit to support the goals of the event. Space contains many of the tools and features that previous Learning Day participants and other movement organizers have been asking for: a safe space with active moderation and a code of conduct, multilingual capabilities, a centralized movement map and calendar, and the ability to collaborate in closed groups. It is also built on forum software that makes interacting simple and keeps conversations organized. We feel that Space will allow participants and other volunteers to explore new terrain, share perspectives, and build off one another’s ideas. 

In addition to leveraging the new Learning Days discussion category, we have decided to support the three Learning Days cohorts using Space’s closed group format. This will provide cohort members a private, comfortable environment to get to know one another and coordinate freely. The products of the coordination within cohorts will be released publicly on the Learning Days discussion category for comment and reflection from other cohorts and those interested in Learning Days material.

We look forward to supporting Learning Days, and everyone involved, in Wikimedia Space.