Introducing ISA – a cool tool for adding structured data on Commons

The ISA tool being announced at WikiData Conference 2019 as the coolest multimedia tool of the year by Liam Wyatt (User:Wittylama). Photo: User:Sandra Fauconnier

ISA is a new tool that makes it very easy for anyone, including absolute beginners, to add structured data descriptions in the form of captions and so-called ‘Depicts’ statements to images on Wikimedia Commons. ISA is called a ‘micro-contributions’ tool: when you use ISA, you make many very small edits to Wikimedia Commons in a playful way. We intentionally designed ISA to be multilingual and mobile-first; it has been such a hit that it received a WikidataCon 2019 Award in the Multimedia category last October. And why this name? ‘Isa’ is the chiShona language word for ‘put’ or ‘place’, but it was also chosen because it is an acronym for Information Structured Acceleration or Information Structured Additions.

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