Wikipedia in Mayan language

On January 21 and 22, Wikimedia México participated with a “Wikipedia in Mayan language” workshop, in the Oriente University in the city of Valladolid, Yucatán, with Linguistic and Mayan Culture students. The Mayan language, or Maayat’aan, is the second most spoken indigenous language in Mexico.

We presented the Wikipedia Maya project in the Wikimedia Incubator. The students created more than 20 articles and edited another 20; then, they donated photographies to illustrate their articles in Maya and Spanish. All the time, they were discussing about the differents forms to write, because the maya is a primarily oral language, and there are differents opinions, among the communities, about how to write it. Some of the articles topics were about traditional food (for example, a Panucho), literature, yucatec culture and communities (like X-Cohuo, in Valladolid).

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