Wrapping up version one: Structured Data on Commons

As the three-year grant period for building Structured Data on Commons (SDC) comes to a close with the end of 2019, I’d like to share some lists of the past two year’s worth of planning, discussion, building, testing, and releases the team has done with the Commons community.

Design consultations

Mainly taking place in 2018, these design consultations are crucial to building the workflows that community members can use when the software is released.

Data organization discussions

The community had to discuss, and continues to discuss, how to organize and model the various kinds of data that SDC supports.

The future

The SDC development team will continue working on structured data integration into Wikimedia projects, and there is some work left to do on Commons. Support for more statement types, as well as property constraints and a Commons query service, are planned.

The team looks forward entering the new year with this work to wrap up, and contribute towards making Commons more searchable, multilingual, and accessible for all to build.


  1. Thanks a lot to you, to Sandra, and to the whole team. We clearly had quite some progress, especially in the last year. However, it is clear that unfortunately we are not yet at the point when Wikidata properties can replace the disfunctional category system, and also the general audience (folks who can not run the tools) still do not benefit much from the Structural Data. I hope the drive will not stop here, as unfortunately often happens with WMF developers initiatives when money runs out.

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