How to follow the blog

WOCinTech Chat – CC BY 2.0

Here are few quick ways to keep up with Wikimedia Space news as it’s shared.

If you have any questions or thoughts on how to make it easier to follow topics here, please leave a comment and let’s discuss.


  1. I thought I’d mention that I just realized that Maria’s first post is pinned, and that there were more :sweat_smile:
    (It just goes against the “newest on top” thing and hadn’t figured out pinning a blog post was also a thing).
    I understand it’s very important, maybe at this point it can be featured more prominently otherwise (maybe it can be collapsed? or there can be a banner like Discuss has it that can link to it? etc.).

  2. Agreed. I’ve unpinned the Introduction blog post. I’ve added a banner similar to the one new users see in this Discuss space. It is dismissible. That should help bring better visibility to new posts and still retain some introductory text for new visitors.

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